Ambiophonic Records

Ambient techno that feeds your brain.

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The Journey EP

5 Feb 2020

Berlin EP

24 Dec 2019

Estonia EP

3 Dec 2019

Current Projects


Hypnotic is a monthly show in collaboration with Fnoob techno. Here you'll find deep, dark techno that chills your dark side. 

To listen to previous recordings of the show, click here.

Techno Meditation

Ambiophonic is also a founding member of Crystal/Minds and one of the pioneers of a groundbreaking new form of meditation - Techno Meditation.

Go deeper into your practice with binaural beats in the alpha and theta range, healing frequencies to restore your inner balance, and minimal techno to tame your monkey mind.

Spiritual Techno Radio


Ambiophonic Records was founded, in part,  to bring artists together who want to shatter the traditional concept of techno and the rave scene. You know what we mean.. we are bursting out of the sunshades-at-night scene and using the music to feed our soul through collaboration & community. 

Stay tuned for more info on the Rotterdam Conscious Community Page - where all the action will happen. 


Bertin Bom

+31 651492667

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