Ambiophonic Records

Ambient techno that feeds your brain.


Ambiophonic Records is a label created in 2019 by the artist Ambiophonic with the idea to serve as a platform for artists who create soundscapes with deep driving analog sound.


The sound on the label is deep, minimal techno and has influences of hypnotic ambient sounds.


Ambiophonic Records can be found on Beatport and every streaming platform.

Demo Submissions 

Please send your demos to 


Demo submission: 

  • Please send 2-4 tracks in a finished state; the final mix is ready or mastered. Otherwise, the tracks will not be listened to and no feedback will be sent. 

  • Send your tracks with weTransfer or Soundcloud with the download option enabled.

  • Put the WeTransfer-Link or private Soundcloud-link in the email and say something nice about yourself. 

 When this is all done, expect an email back (please allow for at least a week)

 with the feedback and information about the next to follow steps. 

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